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Security compliance TrustOps Boosting revenue Security compliance TrustOps Boosting revenue

Take your security program from resource drain to revenue builder

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The traditional approach to security compliance has long been a cumbersome and costly affair for businesses. Traditional methods are not only slow and resource-intensive but also fail to convert critical security activities into trust, a key ingredient for driving revenue. This is where Strike Graph is revolutionizing the field.

Strike Graph's modern solution challenges the status quo of security compliance. Our AI-enabled compliance platform isn't just about meeting standards; it's about transforming compliance into a strategic asset. By streamlining the certification process, we reduce the time and financial burdens typically associated with compliance. More importantly, Strike Graph turns compliance into a vehicle for building trust with customers and stakeholders.

In today's digital landscape, where data security is paramount, trust is the currency that drives business growth. Strike Graph empowers companies to not just achieve compliance but to use it as a tool for enhancing customer confidence and opening new revenue streams. It’s time to move beyond seeing compliance as a mere regulatory hurdle. With Strike Graph, compliance becomes a pathway to building trust and boosting revenue, marking a new era in how businesses approach security standards.

Let’s take a closer look at why companies are used to thinking of compliance as a headache and how you can instead see it as what it is — a head start. 

Why traditional security compliance approaches drain resources

As you’ve probably noticed, some of the biggest cons of traditional IT security programs include things like big price tags, baseline inefficiency, and a lack of adaptability to your organization. 

Unnecessary expense

The costs of traditional security approaches can be high. Checklist-based security solutions are expensive because their one-size-fits-all approach fails to scope your organization’s unique needs and risk profile, causing you to waste time on unnecessary security precautions. And, hiring consultants can cost a pretty penny — because they’ve convinced everyone it’s the only way you can reach compliance or certification. 


One of the most glaring inefficiencies of traditional, one-size-fits-all approaches to security compliance is that they lack the flexibility to adapt to modern, sophisticated, and constantly evolving cybersecurity threats. They also make it difficult for companies with unique or evolving structures and processes to implement changes and improvements in their security programs. The idea is that you get one thing out of the box, and if that thing isn’t what your company needs, you’re out of luck.


Instead of being able to focus only on the controls that are needed for a company's unique risk profile, security teams are forced to complete everything on the checklist. This means controls exist but don’t have a reason for existing, and the security program implementation becomes disorganized, chaotic, and inefficient — not to mention a total drain of your team’s time and effort.

Here’s how to turn your security program into a revenue booster instead

So, how can you stop wasting resources and time and instead turn your security program into a revenue booster? TrustOps. At its core, TrustOps is a holistic approach to building trust, which is the key ingredient in gaining customers and increasing revenue. 

The Strike Graph platform enables companies to efficiently implement a TrustOps program that is risk-based, tech-enabled, and quickly certifiable. This empowers our customers to efficiently design, operate, and measure their security activities aimed at fostering trust and growing revenue. 

The bottom line? Strike Graph reduces costs and increases the return on your security investment. 

How does it work? 

Let’s take a deeper dive into some of the key features of Strike Graph that streamline compliance and help you reap the rewards of your investment. 

Simplify your processes

Strike Graph simplifies security program implementation by centralizing all of your security processes, from design through operation and then measurement, on a single platform — and not just for one security framework. Our multi-framework mapping lets you efficiently manage SOC 2, ISO 27001, ISO 27701, HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR, and more in one place. 

The key is that Strike Graph automatically maps each control — along with its associated evidence — to any applicable security framework that’s enabled in the platform. For example, let’s say you already have controls in place for SOC 2 and decide you want to pursue CPRA compliance. When that framework is activated, it will automatically map to your existing controls where appropriate.


Right-size your program

Strike Graph’s in-platform risk assessments mean you know you’re addressing your company’s unique risks without wasting time on measures that don’t apply to your business context. Easily identify, rate, and mitigate the risks that could threaten your company’s momentum, efficiently and effectively. 

Leverage trust assets

Transparent, easily understood reporting helps your team communicate trustworthiness to customers, partners, and stakeholders alike. And it won’t only help you strengthen your existing relationships, it will also open your organization up to new business opportunities.

Strike Graph doesn’t just make attaining trust assets like certifications and compliance attestations easy; it helps you easily manage and share them through our trust asset library

The Strike Graph trust asset library lets you store, organize, and easily send your trust assets to potential clients and other stakeholders. And, because everything is in one place, your team always knows where to turn to for the latest documentation. 


Strike Graph’s security overviews are an avenue to prove your company’s ongoing commitment to security between audits and serve as an important tool for maintaining internal transparency as well.

The results? More customers. More loyalty. More revenue.

We know Strike Graph works because we’ve seen customer after customer streamline their security programs and close more deals. We’d love to show you how Strike Graph can take your security program from drain to gain. Schedule a demo or open your free account today.

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