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SOC 2 certifications are intimidating. It is a complex accounting process assessing all aspects of your business, from management to privacy.

Strike Graph simplifies the process to save you time, money and unnecessary drama.

Our customers pass their audits.

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Customer Success

Our customers are ready for their audits
"Other vendors didn't understand the SOC 2 standard or how to effectively meet it. Strike Graph cut through the confusion and makes sure we are prepared."

Ahrash Bissell

President NROC.org
Customer: State of North Carolina

“I had a PO with a fortune 100 customer that required SOC2 in 60 days.  StrikeGraph was the only way we were able to secure that revenue.”

Chris McCall

CEO & Founder of Valid8 Cash

"The nuance to a successful compliance program is education and knowledge transfer of a complaint future state. Strike Graph prepares organizations to achieve this in a holistic, methodical and value add manner."

Anthony Hargreaves

Managing Director, GRC+C
Connor Consulting

Quit Guessing

Strike Graph customers complete the SOC 2 security certification process with confidence.  A SOC 2 certificate can dramatically reduce the "time to close" for enterprise sales.

Our SOC 2 audit solution helps you scope the correct size audit, dynamically adjust your controls and pass your audit with a internationally recognized auditor.

Consider Us Your Partner

We're by your side throughout the entire SOC 2 audit process


Audit Scope Engine

It's true that one size doesn't fit all and Strike Graph makes sure that your audit fits your practice. Most vendors, tools and consultants require more of you than necessary to successfully get a SOC 2 audit.


Risk Control Matrix

Strike Graph's killer feature is an automated Risk Control Matrix. It identifies the right policies, risks, controls and evidence for your company. Our evidence engine integrates with your workforce and technology to collect your evidence on time and with confidence.



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Respected Audit Partners

Our audit partners are  the leaders in SOC 2 audits. We have worked closely with them to ensure that when your audit takes place you know that you'll be ready and successful.


We are on a mission to help companies create and share Trust.

Justin Beals


justin beals linkedin

Brian Bero

VP of Business Development,

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We'd like to learn more.

Strike Graph is currently working with companies to help them successfully complete their SOC 2 certifications. We would love to talk to you about your certification needs and how we can help.

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