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Strike Graph helps companies build a simple, reliable and effective compliance program so that they can get their security certifications quickly and focus on revenue and sales.




Who We Are & What We Believe

WE ARE serial entrepreneurs who have built a compliance SAAS solution that simplifies security certifications such as SOC 2 Type I/II or ISO 27001. We know from experience that these certifications dramatically improve revenue for B2B companies. Facilitated by the Strike Graph platform, key actors in the process including Risk Managers, CTO's, CISO's and Auditors can work collaboratively to achieve trust and move deals.

WE BELIEVE that every organization should have a fair shot at meeting cyber security standards regardless of security framework.  As CTO's, sales leaders and founders, we reject the busy-work, security theater and arcane practices currently in the marketplace to achieve certification. We strive to make complex cyber security standards simple and provide insights via automated verification so that you can create trust with your customers to sign more deals.



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    A risk assessment engine to automate the selection of cybersecurity controls.
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    A System Description to gain trust with partners and customers before the audit.
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    A dynamic control library mapped to common audit types.
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    A dynamic evidence library with a complete chain of custody.
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    Evidence ownership / alerting.
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    An audit readiness dashboard letting you know when you're ready to pass a 3rd party assessment.
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    Audit hand-off engine - produce audit ready exports designed to save you money and your auditor time.

Companies Partner With Us When

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They are ready to take their Security program to the next level.


"Strike Graph enabled us to formalize our security practice and move to the next stage in compliance conversations. The Customer Success team was with us the entire way."

Patrick Reed


When they need to move quickly to win a deal.


Valid8 Financial
CEO, Co-Founder

“I had a PO with a fortune 100 customer that required SOC2 in 60 days.  StrikeGraph was the only way we were able to secure that revenue.”

Chris McCall


When they see that staying compliant is complicated and costly.



Other vendors didn't understand the SOC 2 standard or how to effectively meet it. Strike Graph cut through the confusion and makes sure we are prepared.

Ahrash Bissel


Your chance to learn more.

29 APR
8:00 am PST/10:00 am CST/11:00 am EST

Security Questionnaires, RFPs & Revenue Challenges: A Single Solution

Join Dan Adams, VP of Sales at Strike Graph, Samuel Sunderaraj, VP/Head of GTM at Falkon, and Justin Beals, CEO of Strike Graph, as they go over key revenue and sales challenges that were brought on by security issues.
  • April 29, 2021
  • 8:00 am PST/10:00 am CST /11:00 am EST
  • Dan Adams, VP of Sales at Strike Graph, Samuel Sunderaraj, VP/Head of GTM at Falkon, and Justin Beals, CEO of Strike Graph


Strike Graph works with companies to help them successfully complete their SOC 2 certifications. Find out how we can help you make progress this quarter.