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Cloud GRC Platform

Let's work together to pass your cybersecurity audit.

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The Strike Graph GRC platform enables
Security Audits & Certifications.


Unlock Revenue With Strike Graph

Security Program as an Asset

Strike Graph can help you organize your security program, manage your compliance controls, policies and proof in a single source of truth. Use our GRC Reporting to share material with customers & prospects.

Manage Security Audits

Prepare for your initial SOC 2 Type I / II, NIST, HiTrust, ISO and FedRAMP audits as well as streamline the recurring audit requirements using Strike Graph

How Customers Succeed
with Strike Graph

Initial Audit Preparation

Our risk assessment automatically selects the appropriate controls needed for your audit (SOC 2, ISO, NIST) so you can appropriately scope the preparation effort

Software + Services

We work with your team to guide you through the preparation process saving you time & effort. As your partner, we'll ensure you're properly prepared for a successful audit

Ongoing Readiness

Once the audit is complete, our GRC platform is a total solution that automates evidence collection, reminds you of upcoming tasks and keeps you ready for your annual review.

With Strike Graph you're always ready for an audit.

Customer Success

"Other vendors didn't understand the SOC 2 standard or how to effectively meet it. Strike Graph cut through the confusion and makes sure we are prepared."

Ahrash Bissell

Customer: State of North Carolina

“I had a PO with a fortune 100 customer that required SOC2 in 60 days.  StrikeGraph was the only way we were able to secure that revenue.”

Chris McCall

CEO & Founder of Valid8 Cash

"The nuance to a successful compliance program is education and knowledge transfer of a complaint future state. Strike Graph prepares organizations to achieve this in a holistic, methodical and value add manner."

Anthony Hargreaves

Managing Director, GRC+C
Connor Consulting

We'd like to learn more.

Strike Graph is currently working with companies to help them successfully complete their SOC 2 certifications. We would love to talk to you about your certification needs and how we can help.

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