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Introducing Strike Graph’s new AI security assistant

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We’re excited to announce that Strike Graph is launching our new AI security assistant.

We’re leveraging emerging tech to make it a whole lot easier for your team members to stay up to date on your organization's security program. The result? A more efficient security program and a stronger culture of trust within your company.

Using Strike Graph’s new AI security assistant, your team can ask questions about your company’s security policies and procedures. Answers are pulled from your documentation within the Strike Graph platform. But wait, you might be thinking! I don’t want ChatGPT accessing our internal documents. Rest easy, while our AI security assistant uses cutting edge technology, it does not use ChatGPT or other open AI models that could compromise security. Your data remains completely private. 

How can Strike Graph’s AI security assistant help my team?

Our AI security assistant can boost your team in a number of ways, some short term and others longer term. 

Save time 

Strike Graph’s AI security assistant empowers your team to ask specific questions about your security policies and protocols and get quick answers without taking up teammates’ time or having to read through pages and pages of documentation. You know the information they’re getting is correct because our AI security assistant is pulling it straight from the documentation you’ve uploaded to the Strike Graph platform.

For example, let’s say an employee doesn’t know what to do if your company were hacked. They could simply type “What should I do if there's a security breach?” into our AI security assistant and the answer would be sourced from your uploaded security incident response plan that’s housed in your evidence repository in Strike Graph. The user will also see the source of the answer and where in the document that exact information came from so they can dig deeper if they like.

If someone at Strike Graph were to ask our AI security assistant “What are the rules about reusing passwords?” they would find out that our policies require our employees to not reuse a password more than five times. 

Build a culture of trust for future success

There is an immediate payoff to getting security information into the hands of your employees quickly and easily — you save time and confusion. But there are long-term payoffs as well.

Giving your team members access to our AI security assistant helps your organization build a culture of trust by centering the importance of security policies and procedures and empowering every team member to educate themselves about your company's security program. 

Risk reduction

Another global, long-term benefit of Strike Graph’s AI security assistant is a reduction in risk. Breaches — or poor responses to breaches — often happen because employees aren’t sure how to react to an unexpected situation. Ideally, your staff will be 100% up to date because of annual security training. But depending on where you are in the year, that knowledge may be a bit rusty. With our AI security assistant, they can quickly get the information they need to respond to an emergency. 

It’s not just about AI, it’s about strategic AI use

Lots of compliance software companies talk about AI and automation, but more automation isn't always better — strategic automation is what matters in today’s security compliance landscape.

That’s why Strike Graph is committed to using the newest technologies to streamline your security processes instead of adding bells and whistles that look fancy, but don't help you actually get to certification.

In addition to our new security assistant, we’re also using smart automation to power other productivity-boosting features:

  • Automated evidence collection: Our low-code software integrations automatically gather evidence from your existing systems, making the compliance process quicker and easier.
  • Tech-enabled audits: Say goodbye to expensive auditing firms and instead use our in-platform certification process to reach compliance faster and without wasting resources.

And, we’re not stopping here. The Strike Graph team is constantly innovating, so keep an eye out for more awesome AI features like these to be rolled out soon!

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