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Compliance that scales to your revenue goals

Compliance is a journey and timing is critical. If you overburden your team with complicated cybersecurity, it can delay critical business deliverables. Wait too long to pass a SOC 2 audit and new sales get stuck in security review. Strike Graph is designed to meet critical trust milestones efficiently and effectively.

Select the right plan for you


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Establish a trusted cybersecurity practice

Key benefits:
  • Risk Assessment
  • Control Library
  • Policies and Procedures
  • System Description
  • Security Readiness Letter
  • 3 AI Security Questionnaires

Appropriate for small companies looking to establish trust with early customers.

Ready to get organized?


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Complete a SOC 2® audit or ISO 27001 Readiness Assessment

All of Prepare, plus:
  • ISO or SOC 2 Rationalization
  • Auditor-ready Data Exports
  • Dedicated Audit Success Manager
  • Integrated Evidence Collection
  • 6 AI Security Questionnaires

Appropriate for companies that are planning on their first audit within 12 months.

Ready to achieve your audit?


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Cement your position as a market leader

All of Achieve, plus:
  • Automated Evidence Collection
  • Annual Penetration Test
  • Dedicated Audit Success Manager
  • Unlimited AI Security Questionnaires
  • Support with an enterprise-level cybersecurity compliance practice

Appropriate for established and enterprise companies that have already passed a significant compliance milestone.

Ready to get organized?

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