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TrustOps Measuring/certifying security programs Boosting revenue TrustOps Measuring/certifying security programs Boosting revenue

Strike Graph’s trust asset library turns compliance into revenue

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Trust assets can provide your organization with the very tangible proof it needs to prove that your company is trustworthy, which opens business opportunities and boosts revenue. But how do you make the most of them?

Trust assets become more valuable the more you share them. That’s why we created the Strike Graph trust asset library. It consolidates all of your company’s trust assets in one central location, so you can more easily store, locate, and share them with your team, customers, partners, stakeholders — and whoever else may want or need to access them.

In this post, we’ll do a quick review of why trust assets (and TrustOps in general) is important, how trust assets can help, and why having them all in Strike Graph’s centralized trust asset library can help your company increase revenue.

Why is TrustOps important?

TrustOps, short for Trust Operations, helps organizations build trust with customers, partners, and stakeholders by providing proof that the organization’s and its customers’ data are safe.

A key aspect of TrustOps is trust assets — like certifications — that provide outside proof of a company’s security practices. Companies need to acquire, maintain, and be able to share trust assets to prove that they’re truly trustworthy. While this is crucial for every organization, it’s especially important for those in industries like government, finance, or healthcare in which requirements and regulations around data privacy and security are stricter.

At the end of the day, we all know that building trust is essential to business success, and implementing a proactive TrustOps program can do just that.

The 101 on trust assets

Put simply, trust assets refer to things like security certifications — for SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and other frameworks — that verify your business is trustworthy. While some certifications may be required for your industry, geographic location, or government, obtaining them can do more than keep your business compliant with regulations, they can also help you build trust — and therefore revenue.

But once you have multiple trust assets, how can you keep them organized, easily accessible, and ready to share? Enter Strike Graph’s trust asset library.

Perks of Strike Graph’s trust asset library

Strike Graph’s trust asset library lets your organization centralize the trust assets you generate from your compliance program, and it can also help you streamline your business processes. Here’s how.

Everything, all in one place

Strike Graph’s Trust Asset Library acts as a centralized place to store all of your trust assets, like certification reports, pen test results, or anything else that you want to keep track of. You can use the sorting feature to view all trust assets, or filter by asset type. This makes it easy for you and your team to find the trust assets you need, when you need them.

Easily accessible for everyone

Anyone in your organization with access to Strike Graph can login to access, view, and/or download your trust assets via Strike Graph’s main navigation menu. This makes the trust asset library a source of truth for anyone in your organization that needs up-to-date trust assets.

Ultimate flexibility

With Strike Graph’s trust asset library, managers have the power to upload, download, edit, and delete trust assets easily. This means that you’ll know everyone — or those who have access (more on this in a bit) — will only be able to view, use, and share the most up-to-date versions of your trust assets.

And there’s more to come …

We’re constantly working to improve our software features. Soon, you’ll be able to visualize the number of views, downloads, links, and emails a trust asset has, scope permissions and restrict downloads per asset so only those with certain role/permission levels have access, have the option to share the assets externally directly from the library by generating a link or sending an email, and more.

Take your security program to the next level

If your business is looking to maximize the return on its security program, then Strike Graph’s centralized trust asset library can make a huge difference. And, the trust asset library is just one of the ways Strike Graph’s comprehensive compliance software supports the design, operation, and measurement phases of your security program. 

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