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We hate Security Questionnaires.

So we built a robot.

Each questionnaire takes precious time away from CTOs and technical talent who are trying to close a deal. Trying to win 100 new customers this year? How are you going to handle each questionnaire? We had the same problem. So we decided to fix it by developing the Security Report. 

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Security Report - Strike Graph

Where We Come In

What's In a Security Report?

The Strike Graph security report identifies the specific cybersecurity control you have in place for each question, and includes how those controls map to common standards.

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Time is the Enemy of Deals

Eliminate delays that can inhibit the closing of deals. Our security reports can cut weeks off your time to close.

Free your CTO
Free Your CTO

Your CTO hates completing security questionnaires. Don't ask them to answer another one when Strike Graph automates the pain away.

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We Do All The Work

Upload that horrible excel spreadsheet, and simply wait for us to notify you when your security report is available. We won't make you copy and paste.

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100% Coverage

Our framework of risks, controls, evidence, and standards is holistic.  That's why our AI is so good.

AI Vendor Assessment Success
Error Correction Included

We carefully monitor the accuracy of our reports, so you can be confident that the answers appropriately correlate to your controls.

Unlock Cybersecurity
And Much More!

Vendor Assessments or PCI-DSS Self Assessments, sure!  Also pass critical audits like SOC 2, ISO 270001, and HIPAA on Strike Graph.

Celebrating with our customers on their successful audits

Learn how you can leverage Strike Graph for your cybersecurity needs