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Never fill out another security questionnaire.

Strike Graph’s AI-powered response engine uses your existing controls to fill out security questionnaires automatically.

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Close more deals with less effort with Strike Graph's security questionnaire tool.

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Speed deal closure.

Delays caused by the security questionnaire process can jeopardize deals and slow revenue generation. Strike Graph’s AI-powered tool completes questionnaires automatically in 48 hours or less with zero additional input needed from your team.
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Keep the focus on your business.

Responding to security questionnaires can pull tech team members away from other essential tasks. Strike Graph’s AI tool is so simple anyone at your company can upload a security questionnaire.
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Scale sales operations and revenue.

Gone are the days of copying and pasting from old spreadsheets and documents. Once your controls are defined in Strike Graph, the AI tool does the rest of the work. Upload as many questionnaires as you want and watch your sales grow.

Here’s how it works.

Strike Graph’s customers can automate security questionnaires in three
simple steps.

Step 1

Upload your security questionnaire.

Strike Graph can handle a variety of file types and formats making it fast and easy to get the security questionnaire process started.
Step 2

AI tool maps existing controls to each line item.

Strike Graph analyzes the report and uses your existing control data to populate the security questionnaire.
Step 3

Receive your security response report.

Our team creates a detailed report with prioritized actionable recommendations. Once you’ve addressed your gaps, we retest to ensure your system is secure.
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Our customers cut weeks off their time to close.

Users Love Us

"Helped us get SOC2 compliant in less than 3 months"

Sample control wordings were well thought out and easy to work with. The security questionnaire AI functionality has worked really well so far and saves our team a lot of time when responding to clients.

"Strike Graph is Your Partner in Compliance on Sales Calls and to Close Deals Faster"

Strike Graph is your one-stop shop to get your security audits going and completed in half the time. There are file repositories for security audits, automated security questionnaires. evidence repository, and great support from the customer success team. Whether you need evidence of HIPAA, SOC2, or ISO, you're in the right place.

"Strike Graph has quickly become core to our compliance efforts"

The platform makes managing your controls and evidence so easy, especially if you have multiple compliance frameworks you're working within (i.e. SOC2, HITRUST, ISO, etc.)

Find out why hundreds of companies turn to Strike Graph for information security.
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Never lose a deal because of security gaps

Strike Graph’s AI-powered response engine saves your team time and helps you win more deals faster.

Security Questionnaire FAQ

What is a security questionnaire?

A security questionnaire, also known as a vendor assessment, is a list of technical questions that details a company’s security and compliance processes and procedures. The goal of the questionnaire is to help an organization identify potential cybersecurity weaknesses among its vendors and partners, and has become standard practice during the procurement process.

Are security questionnaires unique for each prospect?

Yes. Unfortunately every procurement department has their own take on the security questions that they want to know the answers to. While the most popular are the SIG and SIG Lite, you may also see questionnaires come in a spreadsheet, or an online tool or portal. Strike Graph’s AI tool can handle multiple file types and formats so all you need to do is upload the questionnaire and wait for your report.

Do I need to be a customer to use Strike Graph’s AI Security Questionnaire tool?

Yes. The AI Security Questionnaire tool uses data from your existing Strike Graph control library to populate each line item in the questionnaire.

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