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7 Strike Graph features that turn anyone into a security compliance expert

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New-ish to security compliance and not sure how to best tackle all of the compliance tasks you need to complete? You need a solution that turns you into an overnight expert; you need Strike Graph’s comprehensive compliance platform.

Here’s why — our philosophy is that absolutely anyone, regardless of how little security compliance experience they have —should be able to successfully design, operate, and measure a robust security (or better yet, TrustOps) program. 

Read on to learn how Strike Graph’s all-in-one compliance platform reduces the stress of the compliance process — and helps your company increase revenue by getting you across the finish line quicker.

Let’s jump in!

You don’t need an in-house security compliance expert

Many companies don't have an in-house security compliance expert, and that's 100% okay. You don't need one — as long as you have Strike Graph. Strike Graph’s compliance platform is designed to be simple and effective for even security compliance beginners to use.

Here are five Strike Graph features that turn anyone into an instant security compliance expert:

AI security assistant

Our AI security assistant gives you instant, reliable answers to your team members’ questions about your company’s company’s security policies and procedures. How do we do this? Our AI security assistant pulls answers from your documentation within the Strike Graph platform — all while keeping your data completely private. 

Control library

Our control library offers audit-proven controls out of the box, or customize them to fit your company’s unique needs. These controls are also pre-mapped to multiple security frameworks, which makes it a breeze to add new frameworks down the road.

Automated evidence collection

Gathering documentation and data to show your controls are working effectively can be a huge time and resource drain. Strike Graph’s automated evidence collection is built on low-code integrations that work with your existing tech stack and keep your data secure. 

Risk assessment

Our built-in risk assessment allows your team to easily identify and rank your company’s unique risks. This makes it easy to tailor your security program to your company’s unique vulnerabilities — meaning you don't have to waste time on unnecessary security tasks. (If you haven’t yet, take a look at our risk-based security compliance ebook for more tips on compliance efficiency.)

In-platform tips

In-platform tips guide you step-by-step through the compliance process. These offer users helpful information exactly when — and where — you and/or your team members need them.

Extensive resource library

Our extensive resource library includes ebooks, articles, guides, case studies, videos, templates, and more. All of these resources are packed with tactical and strategic advice so you have all of the educational support you need from the get-go.

Team of compliance experts

Our team of experienced security compliance professionals has your back if you need some extra support. We’re always here to help and answer any questions you may have.

Let’s get started

And speaking of experts, if you're ready to get started, one of our team members is waiting to show you first hand how simple Strike Graph makes the compliance process. Schedule a demo today, or get started for free

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