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New Strike Graph framework | CIS builds trust without an audit

We at Strike Graph are excited to announce that our platform now supports CIS v8, the latest version of the Center for Internet Security’s framework — a versatile, robust security framework for companies looking to prove their commitment to data security without committing the time and resources necessary to complete a formal audit.

Stay ahead of the competition

In today's digital landscape, where every piece of data is critical, customers are not just hoping but expecting that you'll safeguard their information. If you can’t prove that you’re taking data security and privacy seriously, they’ll go to your competitors instead. 

The sticking point is time and resources. Security frameworks like SOC 2 and ISO 27001 provide robust protection, but they also require a time and resource commitment that many companies aren’t ready for. 

CIS bridges the gap. Its focus on cyber hygiene makes it a versatile and comprehensive choice for businesses keen on improving their cybersecurity posture without undergoing the rigorous process of a formal audit.

Strike Graph gets you across the CIS finish line fast

Strike Graph’s all-in-one security compliance platform is designed to make implementing security frameworks like CIS simple and fast, even if you have zero compliance experience. Our design, operate, measure approach moves you confidently throughout the process of reaching compliance and then gives you the tools to prove your security program is effective.


Assess your current security posture with our integrated risk assessment, then mitigate your unique risks with CIS controls from our extensive control library


Automatically gather evidence using Strike Graph’s secure, low-code integrations. Collaborate using Strike Graph teams and control comments and notes. 


Stay on top of your CIS journey using Strike Graph’s intuitive dashboards, then prove compliance with our real-time security overview report. Our trust asset library lets you easily share your report with potential customers to prove your business is trustworthy and close deals. 

Maximize the ROI on your security program

CIS isn’t a requirement your company has to check off, but an investment in trust — which is the key ingredient in business success. Strike Graph is designed to get you the best ROI on that investment possible.

Our trust asset library plays a crucial role in this. As you implement CIS, the library consolidates all compliance-related assets – from your security overview to privacy policies – in one central location. 

This not only streamlines the management of your trust assets but also makes it easier to share them with stakeholders, customers, and partners. By effectively leveraging these CIS assets, you demonstrate your commitment to security, enhancing your market credibility and trustworthiness. This, in turn, opens new business opportunities and contributes to revenue growth, ensuring you get the biggest possible ROI from your CIS compliance efforts.

Scale when you’re ready

Strike Graph grows with your company as its security compliance needs mature. Our multi-framework mapping automatically connects any new framework enabled in the platform to your existing controls, saving you massive amounts of time and resources.

SOC 2, for example, has a 70% overlap with CIS. That means that if down the road your company wants to invest in SOC 2, you’re up to 70% of the way there already. By harnessing this overlap, our platform significantly reduces the workload and complexity involved in scaling up to additional frameworks and ensures a seamless and efficient transition.

Case study: See the real world impact of multi-framework mapping

Start your CIS journey with Strike Graph

Strike Graph's support for CIS isn't just a new feature – it's a fundamental shift in how businesses of all sizes can approach and achieve data security. By implementing CIS, you’re not only ensuring compliance with a robust cybersecurity framework but also investing in a future where trust becomes your business's cornerstone.

Our platform empowers you to take control of your security compliance journey, from the initial assessment to the operational phase and through to the vital stage of demonstrating compliance. With Strike Graph’s intuitive tools and features, you're not just checking off compliance requirements; you're building a culture of trust that resonates with every stakeholder and customer.

And, when you're ready to elevate your compliance journey, our multi-framework mapping ensures that your progression to more comprehensive frameworks like SOC 2 is as seamless and resource-efficient as possible. 

Get started on your CIS journey with Strike Graph today and turn your compliance efforts into a competitive advantage, a trust-building engine, and a revenue boost. Our CIS experts are waiting to give you a tour, or start now with our free launch plan.

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