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  • $8.5 million in new funding propels Strike Graph’s mission to revolutionize security compliance
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$8.5 million in new funding propels Strike Graph’s mission to revolutionize security compliance

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In the world of security compliance, Strike Graph is not just a participant but a pioneer, trailblazing a path with our AI-enabled technology and commitment to integrated TrustOps. $8.5 million in new funding (spearheaded by BAMCAP with participation from existing investors Madrona and Information Venture Partners, and Rise of the Rest) will propel Strike Graph's mission to provide an all-in-one platform that equips businesses with the necessary tools to build trust — a fundamental driver of business success. 

"We’re thrilled to lead this round for Strike Graph, the leading trust operations solution. The capabilities that its platform brings for automated assessment is a game changer in the marketplace,” said Jim Sheward, partner at BAMCAP.

A game-changing approach to security compliance

Strike Graph's story began with a clear and ambitious goal: to revolutionize the cumbersome process of security compliance. In a world where businesses grapple with an ever-expanding array of compliance requirements, Strike Graph emerged as a solution designed to simplify and streamline this journey. From SOC 2 to GDPR, we’ve made compliance accessible and manageable for companies of all sizes.

The innovative heart of Strike Graph lies in its AI-powered platform. This platform has transformed the traditional compliance process, making it more efficient and transparent. Our customers have discovered that achieving compliance need not be a labyrinth of complexity. Instead, it can be a strategic, clear, and manageable path, leading to greater security, trust, and revenue.

New funding means more Strike Graph innovation

This new funding chapter opens up broad possibilities for Strike Graph. We’re poised to further develop our AI technology, making audits and certifications even more reliable and efficient. And, we’ll be adding new tools to support larger customers and CISOs managing complex, company-wide responsibilities. 

Strike Graph isn't just scaling our operations. We’re also bringing our innovative TrustOps solutions to a global audience, enabling more companies to benefit from simplified, effective security compliance. 

A future shaped by innovation and trust

Looking forward, the future of Strike Graph is one shaped by continuous innovation and a deep commitment to trust and security. As we develop our platform further, we’re not just improving a product — we’re enhancing the way companies around the world approach and manage security compliance. 

The path ahead is promising, and Strike Graph will continue to lead the charge in transforming the landscape of security compliance and TrustOps.


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