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Risk ownership and scoring: Why Strike Graph is your go-to platform for risk-based compliance

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When it comes to risk management, checklists just don’t get the job done. You need tools that allow your company to identify its unique risks and then effectively and efficiently mitigate them. 

Strike Graph’s suite of AI-enabled risk management features does exactly that. Our all-in-one compliance platform takes you from risk assessment to risk management without wasting resources or leaving you exposed. It’s tailor-made security compliance.

Risk scoring

Instead of forcing your company to address hundreds of standard-issue risks that may or may not apply to your business context, Strike Graph's in-platform risk assessment allows you to evaluate common risks and choose those that apply to your real-world scenario. And, you can add custom risks, which is essential for companies at the cutting edge. 

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If you determine that a common risk applies to your company’s context, you can either use the risk as is or edit the description to reflect how the risk applies to your specific business case.

Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 9.03.13 PM

Once you’ve gone through each common risk, chosen those that apply to your company, and edited as appropriate, you’re presented with your custom risk list — everything you need, nothing you don’t. 

The next step is to score these risks as low, medium, or high for both likelihood and impact. A combined risk score is then automatically assigned to each risk and color coded so you can identify at a glance risks that are most pressing and prioritize your mitigation efforts accordingly.

Risk ownership

Accountability is a key tenant of risk management. With Strike Graph, you assign each risk to a specific owner to ensure risk mitigation and spread security responsibility across your team. 

Once an owner is assigned to a specific risk, they receive a notification, so they know they’re responsible for that item.

The risk assessment dashboard

Strike Graph's risk assessment dashboard significantly enhances risk management efficiency by allowing risks to be filtered by owner. This streamlines the process, enabling team members to quickly identify and address risks assigned to them. Ensuring that appropriate controls and evidence are up-to-date becomes much simpler, which fosters a more accountable and responsive risk management environment.

Additionally, the dashboard’s functionality extends to tracking progress and control effectiveness. The progress column, sortable with a click, offers a dynamic view of risk status. The controls column reveals the number of mitigating controls applied to each risk, providing insights into the effectiveness of these measures. 

Make the switch to risk-based compliance with Strike Graph

Risk-based compliance makes sense. No one wants the clunky, one-size-fits-all option when they can have something tailored specifically for them. Knowing how to make the switch is the hard part — except it’s really not. You just need Strike Graph.

Because risk-based compliance is at the heart of our comprehensive compliance platform, you don’t need to do anything special. Just follow our step-by-step process to a more efficient, more effective security program. 

Schedule a demo today or create a free account to see how easy our AI-enabled risk management tools make it.

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