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Strike Graph now supports the HIPAA privacy rule for covered entities!

We’re thrilled to let you in on some big news: Strike Graph now supports the HIPAA privacy rule for covered entities. 

The HIPAA privacy rule is all about protecting individuals’ medical records and personal health information. It’s a crucial piece of the puzzle for health plans, healthcare clearinghouses, and healthcare providers that deal with health information electronically. But, it’s not the easiest hurdle to jump.

The challenge of navigating privacy rule standards

The standards set by the HIPAA privacy rule are comprehensive and, at times, complex to navigate. For healthcare organizations and their business associates, understanding and implementing these standards can be daunting. Non-compliance, whether intentional or accidental, can lead to severe consequences, including hefty fines, legal action, and a significant loss of customer trust. In the healthcare sector, where trust is paramount, the stakes could not be higher.

Simplifying HIPAA compliance with Strike Graph

Strike Graph is your solution to the challenges that come with HIPAA compliance. Our platform leverages AI, automation, and guided workflows to help users efficiently navigate the compliance landscape, ensuring that they meet all necessary standards, including those set by the HIPAA privacy rule.

Strike Graph's approach to simplifying compliance involves a comprehensive suite of features that address the various aspects of the HIPAA regulations. From risk assessments and policy management to control monitoring and evidence collection, our platform provides a centralized hub for all your compliance needs. By streamlining the compliance process, we help organizations save time and resources, allowing them to focus on delivering high-quality healthcare services.

PRO TIP → Tackling HIPAA and SOC 2 together is more efficient and ensures the robustness of your security posture. 


HIPAA certification

Achieving HIPAA compliance is one thing. Proving it is another. Strike Graph's HIPAA certification is meticulously designed to provide tangible proof of your compliance. This certification is crucial because it moves your organization beyond merely claiming compliance to actually demonstrating it with confidence. 

It's the difference between saying you're secure and having a reputable third party validate your security and privacy practices against the rigorous standards set by HIPAA, including the privacy rule.

In essence, Strike Graph's HIPAA certification acts as a seal of approval, signaling to the market that your organization prioritizes the protection of health information and adheres to the highest standards. This not only helps in establishing and maintaining trust with current clients and patients but also positions you as a leader in compliance, making your services more attractive to prospective customers.

Take the first step

Having the right tools to do the job at hand doesn’t just save time and resources, it saves stress, too. Explore how Strike Graph empowers you to reach your HIPAA goals — schedule a demo with one of our privacy rule experts or sign up for a free account.

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