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Combine software and service to optimize your security program

In today’s data-and-privacy-focused business environment, companies need to pay attention to compliance from day one. All-in-one compliance platforms like Strike Graph make it easier than it’s ever been to design a robust security program. But what if you’re not ready to dedicate your precious team hours to operating it?

Until you’re ready to build out your own TrustOps team, a service provider like GoldSky can take care of implementing and operating your program. The result is a turn-key security program that lets you build trust with customers and stakeholders while reserving your internal resources for other essential tasks.

Read on to find out if your company could benefit from a software-service pairing and how to make it happen.

What is Strike Graph, and how does it strengthen your security posture?

Strike Graph is an all-in-one compliance and certification platform that supports the design, operation, and measurement — think certification — of your security program. 

Strike Graph is framework flexible, so you choose which certifications you need now and have the option to add others easily in the future. Our ready-out-of-the-box control and policy library lets you quickly mitigate your known risks. And, our built-in risk assessment makes sure there’s nothing you’re missing. The system automatically collects evidence from your tech stack to ensure your controls are working as intended. And finally, our in-house assessment team takes you across the certification finish line. 

Three reasons you might want outside assistance operating your security program

With all those tools at your disposal, why would you consider hiring a services provider, you might be asking. There are a couple of reasons pairing a service provider like GoldSky with Strike Graph might be the best solution for your company.

Time constraints

Even using a time-saving solution like Strike Graph, achieving compliance and certification takes people hours. If you’re a lean-but-mean team early in your business evolution, you might not have a ton of hours to throw at the process. It makes sense to bring in outside resources to avoid delaying certifications that could boost your revenue growth.

Resource allocation

Along the same lines, young and even mid-size companies often don’t have many resources to spare from the core work of their business. If you need your internal team members working hard to take your company to the next level, it can be a savvy move to bring on extra hands to make sure your security program is in constant compliance.

How GoldSky can ensure your security program operates successfully

GoldSky Security is a premier provider of security services and products designed to help organizations meet the ever-evolving challenges of cybersecurity. Established in 2009, GoldSky has grown to become one of the most trusted names in the industry for information security. 

As a fully integrated service provider, GoldSky offers a complete range of solutions, from reviews and consulting to monitoring and managed security services. GoldSky’s team of dedicated professionals has extensive experience in the field, staying ahead of evolving threats while continuously refining processes and procedures. Companies come to GoldSky trusting that they will be provided with comprehensive cyber defense solutions tailored specifically to their needs — whether they are looking to strengthen their existing security posture or meet applicable legal requirements. 

Strike Graph plus GoldSky equals turn-key compliance

By combining Strike Graph's all-in-one compliance platform with GoldSky's implementation and operation services, your company has the tools and people to maintain a secure infrastructure with minimal resources. It’s effortless compliance.

And, because both Strike Graph’s platform and GoldSky’s services flex to fit your company’s unique security needs, you’ll know you’re doing exactly what’s necessary to keep your data secure without wasting a bunch of time on efforts that don’t fit your risk profile.

Should you consider a software-services combo? 

If your company is committed to maintaining a strong security stance but doesn’t have the internal resources or time to operate a security program, then the answer is yes. Schedule a demo today to learn how a Strike Graph-GoldSky combo could get you to compliance sooner than you thought possible.

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