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Collision 2023 – compliance tech to build trust

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This one’s for the trailblazers, innovators, tech enthusiasts, and future-forward thinkers! As we gear up for the much-anticipated Collision Conference 2023 in Toronto, there’s one exhibitor that you should have firmly on your radar – Strike Graph.

Let's explore the standout features that we will showcase at the conference.

Automated audits 

For companies of all sizes, audits can be a daunting task. Thanks to Strike Graph, automated audits take the pain out of compliance. This feature effortlessly manages your audits, making the process faster, more accurate, and less resource-intensive.  It digitizes and organizes data in a manner that allows auditors to verify compliance easily. The automation significantly reduces time spent on preparing for and managing audits, thereby cutting costs and reducing anxiety.

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Strike Graph offers robust integrations with your existing systems. Strike Graph not only integrates with your existing systems, it actively collaborates with them. From your DevOps platform to HR software and other enterprise systems, Strike Graph pulls from over 5,000 different data points within your tech infrastructure.

Our Cumulus integrations, built on the industry-leading Terraform, offer a simplified low-code solution to collect essential evidence from your infrastructure and DevOps systems. With Strike Graph, you gain the robust functionality of Terraform without altering your tech stack. Enjoy seamless, efficient compliance management in a low-code environment.

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Strike Graph acknowledges the complex nature of modern organizations and has taken steps to accommodate a more flexible, inclusive, and efficient approach to team collaboration. We understand that organizations may operate across multiple domains, and we've ensured our platform accommodates this reality.

Our platform allows for separate workspaces within one organization. This means teams can have their own dedicated spaces, allowing for a more organized, personalized, and compartmentalized approach to compliance.

Trust asset library

Certifications serve as a powerful testament to your strong security posture, but they become even more persuasive when supplemented with detailed trust assets such as attestations and security reports. Strike Graph has engineered an efficient Trust Asset Library to compile all these valuable resources. Users can quickly select the necessary trust assets from this library, empowering you to fortify relationships with additional confidence and credibility. 


Integrated risk management

Our software enables you to visualize the complex interplay between multiple controls and associated risks, effectively bridging the gap between abstract concepts and tangible impacts. This kind of tech-enabled integration is an advantage that spreadsheets simply can't match.

System description and security overview

In the competitive world of business, establishing trust can be your trump card. Strike Graph's System Description & Security Overview Report, a key feature within our platform, serves as a powerful Trust Asset you can share to exhibit your real-time compliance program and security posture.

Recognizing that each deal has its unique dynamics, we've equipped you with tools to customize your report. This enables you to respond efficiently to common security queries, even before acquiring your audit certificate.

AI-powered security questionnaires

Our AI tool uses your pre-defined controls to help you complete security questionnaires by providing support documentation for each answer. This swift process eliminates delays and fast-tracks deal closures, all within 48 hours. By simply uploading a security questionnaire, any team member can trigger the process. Once your controls are in Strike Graph, sit back and watch the AI do the work. With this effortless approach, you can focus on growing sales instead of managing spreadsheets.

If you're attending the Collision Conference 2023, make sure to visit the Strike Graph booth E305. Register here to connect with us in Toronto! 


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