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7 reasons AI-powered compliance is crucial to your business growth

You've heard a lot about artificial intelligence (AI) lately. That’s because it’s poised to change the way we work. In fact, according to Forbes, 64% of businesses believe that AI will help increase their overall productivity, and 25% of companies are adopting AI because of labor shortages.

So how will AI affect compliance? It’s all good news. That’s because strategic AI and automation can supercharge your compliance program. In this post, we dive into exactly how you can leverage it to your advantage.

Reduce costs

​​AI can play a significant role in reducing costs associated with security compliance in several ways:

Automation of routine tasks

AI and automation can take care of repetitive, time-consuming tasks such as evidence collection, log analysis, vulnerability scanning (more on this later), and reporting. These AI tools — like Strike Graph’s automated evidence collection — reduce the need for manual effort, saving time and labor costs.

Cost-effective compliance audits

AI can assist in conducting internal compliance audits by automatically reviewing logs and records, thereby reducing the time and effort required for manual, human-powered audit preparation and execution. It can also generate compliance reports automatically, ensuring accuracy and consistency in documentation.


AI systems can scale to handle large volumes of data and complex compliance requirements without a corresponding increase in labor costs. This is especially beneficial for organizations that need to comply with multiple security frameworks.

Accelerate certification

AI can accelerate security compliance and certification processes by streamlining various aspects of security management and audit preparation, including:

Automated compliance checks

AI can continuously monitor security controls and policies to ensure they align with security frameworks like NIST 800-171 and ISO 27001. Automated checks can identify non-compliance issues in real-time, allowing organizations to address them promptly.

Risk assessment

AI can assist in risk assessment by analyzing vast datasets to identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities. This information can be used to prioritize compliance efforts and allocate resources more effectively.

Continuous compliance monitoring

AI can enable continuous monitoring of security controls, which is especially important for frameworks that require ongoing compliance, such as PCI DSS. This reduces the need for periodic manual assessments.

Tech-enabled audits

Overall, tech-enabled audits like Strike Graph’s can cut the time to certification drastically over traditional approaches.

Increase accuracy

AI can increase accuracy when it comes to security compliance in several ways:

Reduced human error

Strike Graph's tech-enabled audits are based on objective, repeatable testing. This reduces the need for human sampling techniques, which are not only subjective but also prone to inaccuracy — which can lead to costly mistakes and compliance violations.

Data classification

AI can accurately classify data based on sensitivity and compliance requirements, ensuring that it’s handled and protected according to specific regulations.

Data analysis

AI can analyze large volumes of security data to identify anomalies and patterns that might indicate compliance issues. It can also spot trends that might be missed by manual inspection.

Boost agility

AI can boost agility in compliance processes by providing organizations with the flexibility and adaptability needed to respond to evolving threats and regulatory changes, as well as easily add on new compliance frameworks. Here’s how:

Customized alerts

AI can provide personalized alerts and recommendations for remediation based on an organization's specific compliance requirements. This agility enables organizations to focus on higher-priority business issues.

Policy updates

AI can assist in rapidly updating security policies and procedures to align with changes in regulations or industry best practices. This ensures that the organization remains compliant even as compliance requirements evolve.

Multi-framework mapping

Strike Graph’s multi-framework mapping feature lets you leverage the compliance work you've already done to achieve new certifications more quickly and easily.

Eliminate uncertainty

AI can help reduce uncertainty in security compliance and certification processes by providing organizations with better insights, proactive monitoring, and automation of compliance-related tasks. Here's how:

Regulatory mapping

AI can help organizations map their security controls to specific regulatory requirements. This not only ensures that compliance efforts are aligned with the relevant regulations, but also reduces uncertainty about which controls are essential for compliance.

Resource allocation

AI can recommend resource allocation based on compliance risk assessments. This guidance helps organizations allocate resources effectively, reducing uncertainty about where to focus compliance efforts.

Predictive auditing

Strike Graph's predictive audit makes sure you have 100% confidence you'll pass your audit before you ever start it.

Decrease vulnerability

AI can play a significant role in decreasing vulnerabilities by enhancing threat detection, automating security controls, and improving an organization's overall security posture.

Automated vulnerability scanning

AI-driven vulnerability scanning tools can automatically assess an organization's systems and applications for known vulnerabilities. This proactive approach helps in identifying and addressing vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them.

Low-code integrations

When you need to use your existing tools and systems for things like evidence collection, low-code integrations like those empowered by Strike Graph work with what you already have in place so that you don't open yourself to more breach vulnerability. 

Real-time alerts

AI systems can provide real-time alerts and notifications when critical security events or compliance violations occur. This allows organizations to address breaches promptly before they escalate into major issues.

Strike Graph is here to future-proof your compliance

Create a culture of trust, access, and transparency with Strike Graph. Our tools will not only empower your team members to participate in security activities but also give them access to knowledge and ensure security compliance is at the center of your business culture.

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