How BioAgilytix Got ISO 27001 Certified 2x Faster

BioAgilytix, a seasoned team of highly experienced scientific and QA professionals, knew that despite their success in delivering best-in-class science, ISO 27001 was outside their scope of expertise. So they came to Strike Graph for help.


Durham, NC




The Outcome

To say BioAgilytix’s ISO certification journey was successful is an understatement; not only did they complete it far quicker than the average customer, but they also had zero control failures in their stage 2. With the help of Strike Graph’s platform, BioAgilytix could easily understand what documentation and evidence auditors would be looking for. In the end, everything was organized and reached their auditor in plenty of time, removing the need for any unnecessary, time-consuming interaction.

The Challenge

A trusted partner to many of the world’s top pharma and biotech companies, BioAgilytix is often asked to provide information about their security and controls. 

This was their first time pursuing ISO 27001 compliance, and as is the case with any first-time endeavor, BioAgilytix didn’t know what they didn’t know. They had policies in place but were uncertain about what applied to ISO 27001 and what did not.

The Strike Graph Partnership

The Strike Graph-BioAgilytix engagement began in July 2021, and by December 2021, BioAgilytix had completed both stage 1 and stage 2. In January 2022, they received their ISO 27001 certification, making the entire process 40-50% shorter than the typical ISO engagement. 

In addition to their standard customer success offerings, Strike Graph also completed an internal audit for BioAgilytix, assessing their entire program.

What's Next?

Building off such a successful partnership, BioAgilytix is excited to take advantage of more Strike Graph offerings. They are currently looking towards SOC 2 certification in 2022, which they’ll pursue with Strike Graph’s help.

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Strike Graph allowed us to successfully and efficiently pass and achieve our ISO 27001 certification with an independent assessor. This prestigious certification is a trust asset that helps our company facilitate agreements, secure deals, and safeguard our reputation.

Sean Blake

Chief Information Officer, BioAgilytix