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Top 5 things our customers love about Strike Graph

Our customers have spoken — and we have five stars on G2!

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Here's what our customers have told the G2 community they love about our product and service:

We keep it simple.

Our pre-loaded control libraries, automated evidence collection, and policy templates make compliance simple.

As Ben, a partnerships and growth specialist at a small business wrote:

"Say goodbye to compliance stress! SOC 2 made simple. The team at Strike Graph is very hands-on, making my job a lot easier. From SOC 2 to ISO 27001, compliance can be confusing, but Strike Graph provides the confidence that I have set my team up for success. Having [everything] centralized within one platform has simplified our compliance efforts.”

We get you certified fast.

Strike Graph’s right-sized compliance means we can help your company pass audits faster, create trust, and close deals at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional security compliance methods.

Patrick, a security and IT manager at a mid-market company, shared that Strike Graph was a “worthwhile investment, saving countless hours and money. I love that their team is personable and dedicated to my situation directly. I can always count on them day or night to be available quickly. We are currently going through SOC 2 and my life would have been much harder had they not been in my corner.”

Luke, a cofounder and COO at a small business echoed that sentiment, saying “The solution makes sense and streamlines/automates a lot of manual tasks. What really impressed me was the hands-on approach our account manager, Kevron, has taken in making sure we get the most out of it as quickly as possible on our journey to compliance.”

We don't waste your money.

Saving time saves money — and Strike Graph’s compliance platform does just that. A customer who’s an administrator in the airline/aviation industry shared how we kept SOC 2 affordable:

“Great value and customer success! SOC 2 is a bear. SG makes it simple. Before, I thought I would need to hire an expensive third party consultant or firm to run this process, but we have been able to do it ourselves.”

We have your back.

Our expertise and resources make the whole certification process much easier on you. As Patrick went on to share:

“They go above and beyond to be respectful and friendly, both showing expertise in the process and a complete understanding of their product. The overall [SOC 2] process is long and has many facets. Strike Graph makes this simple with their expert team members and simple and effective platform.”

Debra B., a technical program manager at a mid-market company agrees, stating that her organization “successfully obtained our SOC 2 Type 1 and six months later our SOC 2 Type 2 using Strike Graph. It was a super resource helping me and the key stakeholders to pull together and implement the necessary reviews.”

We grow with you.

Strike Graph’s multi-framework platform means you can use your established risks, controls, and evidence for other certifications down the line. A customer who’s an executive sponsor in information technology and services at a mid-market company only had good things to say about their experience:

"Strike Graph has quickly become core to our compliance efforts. The platform makes managing your controls and evidence so easy, especially if you have multiple compliance frameworks you're working within (i.e. SOC 2, HITRUST, ISO, etc.). We are a rapidly growing startup and we needed a way to simplify and keep track of our compliance efforts as we work our way from annual HIPAA reviews to SOC 2 and beyond. The platform helps ensure we are not wasting time or duplicating efforts and the Strike Graph team has been an excellent compliment for us as we are evolving.”

The Strike Graph team is excited to make you our next success story, whether you’re just starting to think about setting a strong cybersecurity foundation or needing to lock in your 10th certification. Our top priority is making sure cybersecurity is a boost, not a block, to your company’s success.

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