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A smarter way to get your security certifications

Odds are when you hear the term security certification, you immediately think about auditing firms and the dreaded security audit. And why wouldn’t you? Old-school auditing firms still want people to think they’re the only ones who can get you the certifications you need to be competitive in your industry.

Guess what? They’re not. 

That’s why we’ve expanded Strike Graph to include security certifications. Our all-in-one platform takes you from start to certification — no auditing firm required. 

What does that mean for you? Read on to find out just how much time, energy, and money you can save.

We’re faster than traditional auditing firms

When you need a security certification, you need it now. Traditional auditing firms make their money by billing you high per-hour rates, which means they’re motivated to make the certification take more time, not less. 

Strike Graph’s tech-enabled assessment and certification approach is aimed at making the audit process as fast as possible. We win when you win! 

We’re more affordable than traditional security approaches.

Quick quiz: How many of the following providers might you need to hire to get a security certification the old-school way? 

  • Compliance consultant
  • Gap analysis expert
  • Pen tester
  • Security analyst
  • Risk management consultant
  • Compliance monitoring firm
  • Auditing firm

The answer used to be all of them. And they don’t come cheap. 

With Strike Graph, the answer is none. Our all-in-one platform allows you to design, operate, measure, and certify your security program with one, simple solution. Instead of paying sky-high hourly rates to a whole room of consultants, you pay one fee that gets you all the way to your goal.

We’re more transparent and accurate than traditional auditing firms.

Would you walk onto a used car lot, choose the car with the most expensive sticker, and buy it without taking a test drive or looking under the hood? No? That’s exactly what traditional auditing firms are asking you to do. They use name recognition to justify high rates and make their processes opaque to keep the control (and money) firmly in their hands. 

Strike Graph is 100% transparent. We want you to see what’s happening behind the curtain because, frankly, we’re pretty proud of it! We put control back where it belongs — with you. 

Want to know how we assessed your security program? We give you access to every test and every result, and we do each assessment twice to make sure the process is objective and repeatable. Wondering how recommended controls align to your security framework? It’s right there in your dashboard. Curious which data we looked at to form our compliance report? It’s all an open book.

Is Strike Graph right for me? 

Whether you’re a brand-new start-up needing to set a strong security foundation, a mid-sized company looking to expand into new security frameworks, or an enterprise company looking for a complete platform to consolidate and streamline its security program, Strike Graph will work for you. Our approach is simple and flexible:

Design — Our extensive repository of policy templates, audit-tested controls and educational articles makes it easy to design a strong security program that fits your unique business context.

Operate — Strategic automation gathers evidence and our dashboard makes it easy to assign tasks across your whole team, building a culture of compliance and lessening the load while giving leadership a bird’s eye view of compliance status. 

Measure — Our tech-enabled assessment approach ensures accurate, efficient testing of your security systems. 

Certify — Our compliance reports give your partners and customers proof that you’re operating in compliance with all relevant regulations and industry-standard security frameworks.

Want to learn more? One of our security compliance experts would love to give you a test drive.

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