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Empowering innovation through customized compliance: the Strike Graph advantage

In the dynamic realm of technology-driven businesses, agility and innovation are not just assets but necessities. As these companies push the envelope of what's possible, the need for equally adaptable compliance solutions becomes essential. Strike Graph's cutting-edge platform offers an unparalleled ability to customize controls, tailoring compliance to the unique rhythms of tech-forward companies. This adaptability ensures that as your business evolves, your compliance framework can effortlessly keep pace, enabling you to maintain a competitive edge without compromising on security.

Collaboration and continuity

The backbone of any effective security compliance strategy is its ability to foster collaboration and ensure continuity. One of the suite of collaboration tools Strike Graph puts at your fingertips is the notes and comments feature integrated directly within control management. This functionality not only enables real-time collaboration across teams but also serves as a historical record, preserving the intent and decision-making process behind each control modification. 


Welcome to the Strike Graph control library. In this video, we'll review how to customize your control library, taking a look at control descriptions, frequency, owners, and progress flags. We'll take a look at a couple examples of revised controls so you can see what this actually looks like.

And finally, we'll talk about navigating your control library using filters and the search tool, all to find the controls you're looking for quickly and easily. When you first enter your control library, you'll find a list of pre-populated controls coming either from our Strike Graph suggested controls or from previous compliance work your organization has completed. Either way, these controls will serve as the baseline for your compliance prep and can be fully customized to fit your unique organization.

To do that, you'll click into each control individually, find the edit button at the top, and then review each section of information, again, all to show accuracy of how your organization implements this control. Starting with our templatized description, this description is meant to be customized. It's meant to be revised.

That might look like adding a phrase, removing a word, or just adjusting the wording overall, again, just to show how your organization implements this control. The owner is going to be whoever's on your team that's responsible for this control, responsible for this process, and will eventually be responsible for collecting the related evidence items. Clicking on the drop down, you'll find any team member that has signed up for a Strike Graph account, or this is a great opportunity to invite team members into the platform and think about who else should be involved in your compliance prep.

Frequency, this is how often the control is performed. You're more than welcome to keep our existing frequency or select from another option on the drop down menu, again, just making sure it's accurate for how often you perform this control. Finally, you can indicate the progress of the control.

This is something that's in place, it's something we already do, or it's on our to-do list. Maybe it's partially in place or not yet in place. You'll review your selections, hit save changes, and then repeat the same process for the remaining controls in your library.

Within your control library, there's several ways to navigate and filter the search for the controls that you're looking for. Starting at the top, you can search for a control directly by using a keyword or the name of the control itself. You can filter by control status, looking at active controls in your library, inactive controls, controls that need attention, or all controls that are available in the full Strike Graph library.

You can filter by owner, maybe looking at controls that are assigned specifically to you, controls that are assigned to a teammate, or controls that don't yet have an owner that need an owner assigned. You can look at progress flags, filtering by controls that are in place, controls that are on the to-do list, maybe they're partially in place or not yet in place. You can look at frequency, sorting by the different frequencies in our Strike Graph account.

Or finally, if you're working on multiple frameworks, you can search by suggested controls for that framework. That way you can focus your efforts on the framework that has highest priority to you.

Ensuring accountability with assignable controls

Accountability is key to effective compliance management. Without it, details fall through the cracks that can jeopardize your entire security program. By empowering users to assign each control to a specific team member, Strike Graph ensures a clear delineation of responsibility, making it evident who is accountable for what. This precision in role assignment eradicates ambiguity and ensures a meticulous approach to compliance, where each control is not just a checklist item but a responsibility owned and executed by a dedicated individual.

Tracking progress: the keystone of security leadership

Visibility into the progress and status of compliance efforts is vital for leaders who steer the security strategy of their organizations. Strike Graph’s customizable dashboards empower security executives and business leaders to make strong, data-based security decisions. These dashboards are highly customizable, enabling leaders to focus on the metrics and statuses that matter most to them. This capability is more than a feature. It’s a strategic tool, empowering leaders with the information needed to make informed decisions, assess progress, and identify areas needing attention.

A new paradigm in security compliance

Strike Graph isn’t your standard in-the-box compliance software — it’s a comprehensive, strategic platform for tech-forward companies navigating the complex landscape of regulatory compliance and security. Through its emphasis on customization, collaboration, accountability, and strategic visibility, Strike Graph offers a solution that not only meets the compliance needs of today’s innovative companies but also anticipates the challenges of tomorrow.

When you choose Strike Graph, you’re not just adopting a new tool. You’re embracing a philosophy that approaches compliance as a dynamic, integral part of business strategy. And in doing so, you join a new era of compliance management, where agility, innovation, and security converge to empower your business like never before.

Explore how Strike Graph can redefine your approach to compliance and security. Schedule a demo to see the platform in action, or open a free account to take a spin around these control features yourself. We look forward to seeing you in the platform! 

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