How SOC 2 Auditors Test

You are ready for the SOC 2. You have chosen an auditor and you are confident that your controls are working. Now what? Getting audited can be a...
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Are You Ready for Your SOC 2 Audit?

No one wants to go into a SOC 2 audit blind or unprepared. So how do you know when you’re ready? Whether you tackle your SOC 2 preparation solo, or...
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Got Your SOC 2 - Now What?

You just got your final SOC 2 report back from the Auditor. You sent the report off to the customer that wanted it and a Big Deal has just been...
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SOC 2 Controls and a Remote Workforce in 2021

We are often asked for guidance on the controls that auditors will look for in this new remote reality. A web search for “work-from-home best...
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How Long Does it Take to Get a SOC 2? (2021)

A big sale is on the line. Your customer requires that you achieve a SOC 2 Type 2 certification before they will sign the contract for your service....
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Choosing the Right Trust Services Criteria for Your SOC 2 in 2021

For organizations beginning their SOC 2 journey, figuring out which of the five Trust Services Criteria (TSC) to include in their scope can seem like...
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