System Description Series:  Service commitments and system requirements

What are ‘principle service commitments and system requirements’? Embedded deep in the depths of the System Description is a small, but critical...
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System Description Series: Creating Trust in Company Leadership

One important and often overlooked use of the System Description is to demonstrate to your existing and potential customers that your organization...
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Crawl, Walk, Run: We understand the SOC 2 journey because we have been there

At Strike Graph we know the challenges faced by smaller companies and startups when they embark on their SOC 2 journey.  We experienced the sticker...
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Announcing Strike Graph v1.1: System Description & Enhanced SOC 2 Dashboard 2

Strike Graph is excited to announce the release of v1.1 of This release contains a new major feature: the System...
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Security Theater:  Not another policy!

It’s such a common theme. You need to establish a cyber security program so that you can get your SOC 2 certification and the first thing that an...
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Strike Graph Launches With $3.9 Million in Funding to Automate Security Audits

SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Strike Graph, a compliance automation startup, today announces its launch and seed funding of $3.9 million, led by Madrona...
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