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Get certified. Build trust. Win deals.

Strike Graph helps companies build a simple, reliable, and effective compliance program so that they can get their security certifications quickly and focus on revenue and sales.

Ready to tackle your cybersecurity practice?

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Your partner in building trust

Our software + service platform

Strike Graph is a compliance SaaS solution that simplifies security attestations and certifications such as SOC 2® Type I/II or ISO 27001. Our software + services model means that you’ll never be more than an email away from help to ensure that you have the right controls in place.

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100% Coverage

Our framework of risks, controls, evidence, and standards is your complete and holistic system of record.

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Distribute controls and evidence

Critical controls and evidence need owners. Strike Graph tracks those responsibilities and alerts when validation activities are needed.

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Reach readiness

Set a clear cybersecurity compliance roadmap and meet milestones. Achieve audits and pass assessments to secure trust with customers.

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Leverage knowledge and templates

We have all the policy, process, and playbook templates you’ll need, plus the intelligence to know which ones you actually need to adopt.

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Streamline Security Questionnaires

Sick of security questionnaires? We built an AI for that. Upload your cybersecurity questionnaire and we’ll return a Security Report.

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We’re here to help

Whether its an ISO 27001 Readiness Assessment, Certified Penetration Testing, or SOC 2 Audit Concierge services, we are your trusted partner.

Don’t get tricked into thinking you can automate compliance

Your company is unique. That’s why you stand out from the competition. Shouldn’t your compliance software honor that? You need a cybersecurity program that’s built around your team.

People when you need them, integrations where it counts

The truth of the matter is that cybersecurity involves people as much as it does technology — and people can’t be automated. 

Ask our competitors. They’ll admit that their claims of “automated compliance” have deep gaps that chip away at that promise. You can’t just throw integrations at a people problem. Our aim is to help you own and establish your own cybersecurity practice, with integrations where they count and add value.

At the end of the day, your goal is to build trust with your customers. To do that, you need compliance software that supports a cybersecurity practice that you can truly own — and we’re here as your partner on that journey.


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