Foundation AI: Gaining Trust
and Winning Deals Through SOC 2

Foundation AI utilizes its proprietary tool, the Foundation Extract Platform, to help organizations transform vast volumes of unstructured data into structured data and to provide decision support that drives real business impact. 


Tustin, CA


Artificial Intelligence


The Challenge

Foundation AI needed to accomplish SOC 2 compliance for a customer and win bigger deals in different industries. They recognized that because their development was provided by a subsidiary in Hyderabad, India, they would have logistical challenges in meeting their SOC 2 goal.

The Strike Graph Partnership

Foundation AI signed on with Strike Graph in September 2020 and immediately found value, as they were successfully able to leverage their Strike Graph’ security packet’ with customers. The security packet, which included a lite system description, a core set of policies, and assurance that they were addressing gaps, allowed them to accelerate their efforts and complete their audit in 2021. The Strike Graph Customer Success team also right-sized their control set to include their subsidiary. Over three and a half months, the team met weekly to work through sprints and positioned themselves for a successful audit. Strike Graph’s web-based product enabled the distributed Foundation AI team to effectively collaborate and collect evidence with minimal effort.

The Outcome

Thanks to Strike Graph’s help, Foundation AI successfully achieved a SOC 2 Type 1 in early 2021. Strike Graph’s pre-built integrations and automated workflows made it especially easy for multiple contributors to upload evidence without confusion, second-guessing, or inefficiencies.

What's Next?

Foundation AI will be moving ahead with pursuing Type 2 compliance in the spring of 2022 and feels confident that the knowledge they gained through their work with Strike Graph will help position them for success.

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Strike Graph’s pre-audit security packet not only streamlined and simplified our SOC 2 compliance efforts, but it even helped us earn the confidence of a valued customer.

Venki Pagidimarri

Chief AI Officer, Foundation AI