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Satisfying Customers and Landing More Contracts: NROC’s SOC 2 Journey

Thanks to Strike Graph's help, the NROC Project (“NROC”) went from not knowing where to start with SOC 2 to completing a Type 1 and a Type 2 audit within one year, making them better positioned for more revenue opportunities. Learn how they did it.

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How BioAgilytix Got ISO 27001 Certified 2x Faster

Despite their success in delivering best-in-class science, BioAgilytix knew that ISO 27001 was outside their scope of expertise. So they came to Strike Graph for help and got there faster and with zero control failures.


Gaining Trust and Winning Deals Through SOC 2

Foundation AI, a California-based technology company, needed to accomplish SOC 2 compliance for a customer and to win bigger deals in different industries. Learn how they benefited from Strike Graph’s security packet and collected evidence for SOC 2 with minimal effort.

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How LCvista Saved Time, Money, and Resources With Strike Graph

While no stranger to compliance, LCvista found they lacked someone with the expertise or time to oversee all the details of their systems and controls, so they called on Strike Graph to help with their SOC 2 journey. Learn how Strike Graph helped them save time, money, and achieve a clean SOC 2 report.


How Strike Graph Helped BugSplat Move Closer to SOC 2 Compliance

Knowing that the scope of knowledge necessary to achieve compliance efficiently was a bit outside of their skillsets, BugSplat looked to Strike Graph for help with their SOC 2. Learn how Strike Graph helped them move closer to compliance quicker and more efficiently.


We are an early-stage startup that serves enterprise customers. While we have done a lot from an engineering perspective, we want to make sure our architecture and security checks are honest. Strike Graph's service level helped our small team get started and prioritized. This allowed us to keep our engineering team on track without overloading requests. From the initial consultation and pen test all the way through to onboarding new leadership to the platform, Strike Graph has been proactive in helping our team prep for SOC 2 without rushing.

Jason Burt, Head of Product at Archera

The team at Strike Graph has a deep understanding of what we needed to do to achieve SOC2 compliance. Their expertise helped us identify the controls we needed for our business and their application made it easy to document and upload evidence.

Aaron D, Co-Founder & CTO at LCVista

I couldn't have pulled together everything needed for our SOC 2 audit in a short period of time without Strikegraph. I was able within a few weeks to complete a Risk Assessment using the tool, select the associated controls to mitigate the risks and assign the controls to team members. I can't say enough about the ease of the interface, detailed evidence to help guide us to what was required for the audit which helped us pass our first SOC 2 audit!

Debra Baker, Sr. Technical Program Manager at RedSeal

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A guiding light through security land

Joey P
Joey P
Product Management, Small-Business

Strike Graph has quickly become core to our compliance efforts

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Lauren L

... Critical to our SOC 2 Audit Success

Lauren L
Lauren L
Operations Manager, Small-Business

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